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accelerating ideas and ai into actions

In today’s evolving AI and business climate, companies must quickly react to changing conditions to position for growth and survival. During these times, resource limitations, single dimension strategies, limited peripheral vision, and existing business hurdles can make it difficult to define, develop and implement new initiatives. This is where Accelerate Partners steps in.


Accelerate Partners handles a wide range of services from strategic business development, partnerships and planning to marketing, market research, GPT creation, and design. Our skills and expertise were built over decades of working with the world's leading companies.


Our connections become our client's connections. We have decades

of expertise in developing and managing strategic partnerships in a wide range of industries, products, and services. And, if we don't have an existing connection we know how to build it. 


Our client's praise our ability to hit the ground running. We have stepped in to assist both 11th hour deadlines and multi-year initiatives. We work as interim CXO's, advisors, consultants, or contractors and adjust our roles based on each client's unique and evolving needs. 

what we do

Whether launching a new company, developing an AI strategy, creating a new product/service, or targeting a new market, Accelerate works with management teams to identify and implement new ideas, strategies, and directions. We provide everything from an outside perspective, to cross marketing opportunities, to the management of a full scale launch plan. 


With over 30 years of technology marketing and business development expertise, Accelerate’s partners have worked with businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies, to professional service firms, to start-up technology companies, in multiple industries and markets.  This variety of experience provides clients with proven strategies and programs that can be combined and customized to meet the unique objectives of each project.

"My company was struggling to find a clear direction for growth. Accelerate Partners transformed our approach with their insightful analysis and forward-thinking strategies. Their tailored roadmap not only aligned with our company values but also propelled us into new markets with confidence."
"Our team now feels more empowered and prepared for whatever the next several years of change brings to our business. Their innovative planning approach gave us the tools and confidence to maximize our proprietary data into a suite of new product features."
"Accelerate did more than just help us plan; they helped us redefine what our future could be. Their unique blend of market insights, consumer behavior understanding, and risk management strategies was a game-changer. They didn’t just give us a direction; they equipped us with a GPS for business success.
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